• What currency is shown?
    All pricing on the Vostok-Europe Watches Australian website is AUD inc GST. Paypal will convert to your currency at payment time.
  • Where are Vostok-Europe watches made?
    The Vostok-Europe watches are custom made and hand assembled in Vilnius, Lithuania by the finest Eastern European watchmakers.
  • What is Tritium illumination(GTLS)?

    Many of the Vostok-Europe models feature Tritium tubes (trigalights). These highly specialised light sources are manufactured by Mb-microtec of Switzerland and provide excellent illumination with no external power source and never need to be recharged by the sun or otherwise. 

    Trigalights are tiny glass tubes that are laser sealed, internally coated with phosphorescence and filled with a minute amount of tritium gas. The permanent light occurs when the electrons emitted from the gas excite the phosphor. They do not require any external power source or require recharging and will glow continuously with a life span of more than 10 years. Click for more information.

  • What is SuperLuminova illumination?
    A photoluminescent pigment for illuminating dial markers and hands. It requires exposure to light to "charge" the pigment after which it will glow for hours.
  • What is an automatic helium release valve?
    This is a spring loaded one-way valve integrated into the watch case. It is used by commercial divers operating at depths using diving bells. Click for more information
  • What does water resistance (ATM) rating mean?
    ATM means “atmospheres” and it is the amount of pressure a watch can withstand before leaking. It is important to note this is not a measure of depth but pressure. As a general rule a watch in top condition rated as 5ATM (50 meters water resistance) means the watch should be able to be withstand water splashes but is not recommended for swimming. 10ATM (100 meters water resistance) is suitable for swimming. 20ATM (200 meters) is rated for diving. 30ATM (300 meters) is rated for deep sea diving.
    Please note:
    This is dependant upon the condition and maintenance of the watch and is therefore not guaranteed.
  • Can I wear my watch in the shower?
    No watch is recommended to be worn in hot water such as the shower as the heat expands the casing and may allow moisture to enter.
  •  What is PVD coating?
    Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a hard wearing coating used to deposit a thin film onto a surface, such as the application of a black finish onto stainless steel. It has high temperature and good impact strength, and excellent abrasion resistance.
  • What is an exhibition case back?
    This is a clear glass panel on the rear case of the watch which shows the interior movement. Used to show the rotor on automatic mechanical movements.