Anchar Chrono

The world’s fastest submarine, the k-162 “Anchar”, reached a world record speed of 44.7 knots (82.8 km/h) during test trials in the 1970s and still holds the record for the fastest submarine. The Vostok-Europe Anchar watches are aptly named after this amazing and technologically advanced machine.
white silicone strap and black leather strap
Anchar Chrono 15104184 $1,159.00
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leather and black silicone strap
Anchar Chrono 15104243 $1,159.00
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black leather and red silicone strap
Anchar Chrono 15104244 $1,159.00
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on black silicone strap
Anchar Chrono 15105201 $1,059.00
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