Energia collection

  • The unique Almaz Bronze case with aged patina

    Almaz Bronze Collection

  • Lunokhod Chrono blue

    Lunokhod Chrono Collection

  • double the international warranty for watches purchased from Australian and New Zealand authorised stockists
  • VE Expedition worn by F-16 pilots

  • Mriya Multifunction

    Mriya collection

orange silicone strap
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GAZ-14 Limousine All Timer Chrono 1565B290
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brown leather light blue stitching
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Lunokhod-2 Chrono 1620E277 with leather strap
Lunokhod-2 Chrono 1620E277 $1,459.00
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 Mriya Multifunction Dakar Limited Edition 15554355 with leather strap
Mriya Multifunction Dakar Limited Edition by Benediktas Vanagas 15554355 $1,225.00
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Energia Automatic 1575C280
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on leather strap
Anchar Auto 15104144 $1,059.00
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Expedition Grand Chrono Titanium 1595H298
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Lunokhod-2 Chrono 1620E278 with silicone strap
Lunokhod-2 Chrono 1620E278 $1,489.00
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on blue leather strap
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on black leather strap
GAZ-14 Limousine Chrono 15611131 $479.00
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Recent Articles

Presentation Video
March 21, 2017

Vostok-Europe presentation video showcasing just some of the exciting models.

The Rally Timer by Benediktas Vanagas tested in the gruelling 2016 Dakar Rally
April 03, 2016

Benediktas Vanagas is a renowned Lithuanian racing and rally car driver, having completed over 5 Dakar Rallies and is a proud representative for Vostok-Europe watches. The new VE Rally Timer has been tested in the gruelling 2016 Dakar Rally - the...

The new Rockets are launched
June 15, 2015

The Soviet N1 Rocket was the biggest ever built and was used to launch cosmonauts to the moon, Mars and Venus. It was a Titanic feat of engineering consisting of 5 stages. The Vostok-Europe Rocket N1 watch collection pays tribute...

Vostok-Europe at Baselworld
March 27, 2015

The World's most significant Watch and Jewellery Fair - Baselworld - hosted the dynamic and exciting Vostok-Europe display in March this year. Photos: Vladimir Malinovskij